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Agent Policies

Agents must provide us with the student’s personal email address.

Please note that it is the policy of SLC that we are provided with the student’s personal email address. This allows us to not only contact the student with information about their Homestay placement, but it also facilitates communication between the student and host. Early communication between your students and our hosts helps ensure that important information is exchanged early (such as arrival and flight details), and if any issues or problems arise, they can be dealt with in a timely manner.


Our hosts always strive to make a welcoming first impression, as this helps create a strong connection between them and the international students that will join their family. Allowing the student and host to connect directly helps create a strong bond from the start. When hosts and students get to know each other through email communication first, it increases the student’s comfort level and feeling of welcome upon arrival at the host’s home.


The host placement information will not be sent until SLC has received the student’s personal email address.


Homestay Placement Contract
Homestay Placement Contracts will be sent directly to the student. Due to Privacy of Information policies, the contract is intended for the student only. When dealing with groups of students, we may share basic placement contact details with agents.


Communicating with hosts
It is important to note that agents should not be communicating with hosts. If you have any questions, concerns or requests for the hosts, we ask that these please be made to SLC first, so that we can find the best possible solution taking your business and our policies into account. Hosts have been advised not to respond if an agent contacts them, but rather forward the information to SLC.


Please note that it is not appropriate for agents to contact the host family and request their personal banking information to make wire transfers, or to discuss alternate payment options. Agents should not be communicating with hosts. If you have any questions, concerns or requests for the hosts, we ask that you please contact SLC.


Early arrivals
If your student needs to arrive earlier than the date listed on the hosting dates:

your student should ask their Homestay family if they can be accommodated earlier than the arrival date listed. If the host family is not able to accommodate a request for an earlier arrival date, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange accommodation until the arrival date listed in the Homestay Placement contract.

once the student accommodations have been arranged, the student must contact their host family to tell them where they are staying, so arrangements for pick up can be made

students should aim to arrive on the weekends or weekday evenings, no later than 9 pm (and not during the weekday work hours) so that host families can make the necessary arrangements to pick up the student


Late arrivals
Students planning to arrive in the Homestay home after the hosting dates listed must contact the host with their request via email, with at least two weeks notice.

Students who will arrive late must notify their host family with at least two weeks notice, otherwise they will be required to pay from the hosting dates stipulated on the contract. Visa rejections or delays—or health reasons—would be exceptions.


Student placement
Please note that our general practice is to place students for the duration of their program. Any student wishing to end the hosting relationship may terminate the placement contract by providing a One Month Notice that has been signed by both parties (the student and the host). The form must be submitted to the SLC office. Students are required to pay for not less than a full month from the day the One Month Notice Form is signed.


Gaps between programs
Sometimes there are gaps between one registered program and the next consecutive program offered. When Homestay is the accommodation option provided for a program (Sept. to June), SLC will place students with a host family throughout their registered programs, including any gap periods. Please note that students applying to our summer short-term programs in July and August have the option of registering for dormitory accommodation only and cannot remain in Homestay during this time.

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