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Homestay Agreement


The following is an Agreement between Student Life Canada and ________________ the (“Host”), under which Student Life Canada agrees to provide, and the Host agrees to accept, Students for placement from time to time, on the following terms and conditions.




1. In the event that Student Life Canada finds a Student for placement with the Host, such placement may last anywhere from one day to one year. The duration of the placement will be agreed upon by the parties prior to placement.


2. Student Life Canada will try to find the most appropriate individual for placement with the Host, but cannot guarantee that all requirements of the Host will be met. Student Life Canada cannot guarantee that the Host will be provided with a Student each month.


3. The Host will not offer accommodations at the same time to two Students speaking the same language, without the consent of Student Life Canada.


Housing Conditions


4. The Host agrees to provide a welcoming and secure environment for the Student.


5. The Homestay agrees to provide breakfast and dinner every day. Dinner must be a well-balanced meal, generally consisting of meat, vegetable, potatoes or rice, fruit and milk or juice. Fast food dinners such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. are acceptable occasionally only. An evening meal will be prepared and left if the Host is not home or if the Student comes home late from school. If students select the 3 meal plan, a packed lunch consisting of a sandwich, fruit and a cold drink must be prepared by the family. Snacks should be available to the student.


6. The Host will provide each student with a key to the house.


7. On or before the first day of courses, the Host will show the student how to get to the school by TTC.


8. The Host will provide basic furniture including a bed, closet, and desk or study table, chair and good lighting in the Student’s room. The room will not be shared without the consent of Student Life Canada.


9. The Host will not require the Student to baby-sit or require that the Student do housework (apart from keeping his/her own room and bathroom clean and sharing with dishwashing).


10. The Host will make an effort to show the Student some local places of interest during the Student’s stay and shall attempt to include the Student in the Host’s family activities for the duration of the Students stay. The Host is not required to pay for costs such as entertainment for the Student if the Student wishes to be involved in the Host’s family activities.


Obligations to Advise


11. The Host will contact Student Life Canada immediately if any difficulties arise in his/her dealings with the Student, and agree to co-operate with Student Life Canada towards resolving any issues, which may arise.


12. Student Life Canada requires all Students to sign an authorization form to allow the Host to secure medical treatment for that Student in the event of illness or injury. Should circumstances warrant, the Host agrees to secure medical treatment for the Student as is needed.




13. If the Host wishes to terminate the placement before the end of the placement period, the Host shall provide Student Life Canada with at least four weeks’ noticed of the termination, to allow Student Life Canada to find a new placement for the Student. In such case, all payments from Student Life Canada shall cease as of the termination of the placement, and any payments that have been made to the Host for any period beyond the termination of the placement, shall be returned by the Host to Student Life Canada.


14. If the Student terminates the placement, Student Life Canada will attempt to provide the Host with advance notice of two weeks. In such case, any payments that have been made to the Host for any period beyond the termination of the placement shall be refunded by the Host to Student Life Canada.


15. If the Host fails to meet the requirements or criteria of Student Life Canada’s Homestay program, fails to meet Student Life Canada’s standards of conduct, or if the Host breaches any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, Student Life Canada may terminate any placement, and this Agreement without advance notice, and without further payment to the Host. Any payments that have been made to the Host for any period beyond the termination of the Agreement or placement, shall be returned by the Host to Student Life Canada.


16. Student Life Canada reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for any reason whatsoever, upon two weeks notice to the Host.


Exclusions of Liability


17. The Host understands and acknowledges that Student Life Canada must rely to a great extent on the information provided to it by the Students. Student Life Canada’s screening is limited to the information provided by the students in their application process. While Student Life Canada will not knowingly retain as a Student any individual it knows to be inappropriate, ultimately the behaviour of the Student cannot be guaranteed.


18. The Host accepts full risk and responsibility for any injury the Host may incur, or any damages to the Host’s property arising from the Host’s participation in the Homestay Program. The Host releases and forever discharges Student Life Canada, its respective owners, agents and employees, from all actions, causes of actions, suits, claims, or demands whatsoever, that may arise from the Host’s participation in the Homestay Program.


19. The Host shall maintain third party liability insurance (generally found on homeowners’ policies). The Host is also advised to check with its home insurance agent to ensure that the Host is covered by insurance for any additional occupant(s).


20. The Host will complete and return to Student Life Canada the Smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector acknowledgement in Appendix ‘A’.


21. Student Life Canada is not responsible for any long-distance phone calls made by the Student, or for any other expenses or damages incurred or caused by the Student during that Student’s stay.




22. The Host represents and warrants that all the information in his/her Homestay application is true and complete to the best of his or her knowledge and that each family member has been made aware of this agreement and is prepared and happy to welcome a visitor into their family and home.


23. The Host represents and warrants that he/she has read all 23 points contained in this agreement which is entitled HOMESTAY AGREEMENT.


DATED at the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, this __ day of ________, _________.

______________________________________ ______________________________________

Student Life Canada

All parties acknowledge that facsimile copies will be treated as originals.





Smoke Directors


I, ____________________________________, hereby certify that I have ___________

Smoke Detector(s) installed in my residence at ________________________________.

The Smoke Detectors are located___________________________________________

and the batteries are checked _____________________________________________.


_________________________________ _________________________________

(Host Family Signature) (Witness)


Carbon Monoxide Detectors


I, ______________________________________, hereby certify that I have _________

Carbon Monoxide Detector(s) in my home at __________________________________

_______________________________. The date of purchase was _________________

and the Carbon Monoxide Detector(s) is/are located ____________________________

and is/are in proper running order.



__________________________________ __________________________________

(Host Family Signature) (Witness)

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